We are in the business of encouraging any landholder to have more native plants on their land. In ag systems, native plants are proven to contribute multiple benefits. But don't take our word for it. These videos are from farmers who have done it - often at scale and over many years. Most of them still have some to do. So don't give up - be inspired and take small steps. And don't forget, this kind of work is tax deductible

Mark Wootton talks about the work he and his wife have done on Jigsaw Farms near Hamilton. Since acquiring their properties, they have more than doubled the carrying capacity through reorganising how they use their land and planting significant numbers of trees, especially on less productive land.

Waterway  fencing  project  at  Nareen  Station  in  south  west  Victoria,  where  50km  of  fencing  now  protects  little  streams  and  creeks  thanks  to  the  Dickinsons,  with  the  help  of  Glenelg  Hopkins  CMA's  Revitalising  the  Glenelg  River  project.

Waterway fencing at Dewrang near Balmoral. Josh Sutherland put in 13 km of waterway fencing, allowing revegetation of the riverbanks and stopping the massive erosion problems on the land as it was when he acquired it.