pest plants

Basalt to Bay supports large-scale weed programs on private and public land. For example, we brokered a funding partnership between Regional Roads Victoria and Moyne Shire Council to control gorse on Vicroads roads in the municipality.  We've mapped into the Atlas of Living Australia all known gorse and boxthorn infestations on crown land in Moyne Shire and the City of Warrnambool. 


There are small pockets of gorse infestation throughout Moyne Shire and Warrnambool City, a hangover from the days when gorse was used for hedging. It wastes productive land and provides a harbour for pest animals.


Boxthorn in new estate in Warrnambool


Boxthorn came from South Africa and was popular as hedging in sandy soils along the coast. It's spread by birds and foxes so crops up around sheds and under fences and trees. The thorns cause eye damage, hoof punctures and septic wounds. They also puncture tyres and footwear.