pest animals

Pest animals, for the purpose of our work, are introduced, non-native species that do damage to agricultural and natural values. They are like the albatross around the neck of landholders, public and private. The true cost of the damage they do is often hidden.  You don't have to have a massive rabbit infestation to lose a great deal of production. Two rabbits per hectare has a measurable negative impact on pasture - so says the Agriculture Victoria web page on pest animals.

Rabbits & Hares

Rabbits are Australia's most costly vertebrate pest animal, causing more than $200 million in agricultural production losses each year, mostly through loss of pasture and damage to crops. Rabbits are also a major issue for  revegetation projects. Less than one rabbit per hectare can prevent the successful regeneration of native vegetation which is vital for biodiversity and farm productivity.


Foxes eat just about everything we do. They hunt and kill anything they can find, without necessarily eating all they kill. This is why poultry breeders may find all their birds killed, not just one or two taken. It's actually just the fox doing what its instinct to kill tells it to do. 

Fox at Rowensville, March 2018

Feral cats

Feral cats have recently been included in the pest animal legislation in Victoria. This means that in certain pieces of Crown Land, Government authorised people can kill feral cats. But this law does not apply to private individuals nor private individuals on Crown Land.