indigenous heritage

Basalt to Bay covers an area of Victoria that holds a lot of Aboriginal heritage. Every waterway, swamp, coastal area, and campsite big and small has a cultural sensitivity layer over it - meaning that's where heritage might be, even if not yet identified. So for example, looking at part of our area map in GeoVic, note how the green areas showing sensitivity reflect these features.

Indigenous heritage is NOT indicated on your property land title. Use Geovic to zoom down to your property and learn what might be there. For further info about what to do if you find or suspect heritage go to the Aboriginal cultural heritage of Victoria website.


All Landcare project sites funded by government investment have to be checked on the heritage register with Aboriginal Victoria so that if there are any registered sites present, the right steps can be taken to protect them in the Landcare works. This is a legal requirement on all landholders,not just those doing Landcare projects.

Heritage is everywhere and much of it is hidden. But in 2018 we identified and had assessed a tree on The Green Line. It has proven to be a scar tree and is now entered in the Heritage register. We are working with multiple agencies including Victrack to ensure that this newly noted heritage is protected and preserved for current and future generations of Australians.

Measuring the scar tree on The Green Line