The south west of Victoria is a major renewable energy hub, hosting several of the nation's largest wind farms. There is a geothermal bore used by the Midfield Group in Warrnambool. Port Fairy is home to a wave energy development site.

Windmills are a common site on western district farms, reminding us that wind power has been used in agriculture since the earliest days of European settlement.

Cows grazing in front of a windfarm

 This region also hosts to two gas fired power stations, one at Mortlake and one at Tarrone.

Basalt to Bay connects with renewable energy prospectors to assist with their decision-making on minimising environmental impacts. As projects progress, we share information about threatened species and habitats that may be impacted by development. 

Our goal in working with renewable energy providers is to ensure that their investment and long-term legacy to the areas they build in includes funding for farm shelterbelts and biodiversity corridors.