Basalt to Bay partners with local educators - primary schools, high schools, colleges, TAFE and universities - to raise awareness of nature, farming and heritage values. We regard ourselves as a learning organisation. We learn from others as much as we help others learn.

If you are a teacher or a student in the Moyne Shire or Warrnambool City area and you would like to get involved with learning about landcare. please contact our office for more information.

Fencing Woolsthorpe

School students from Brauer College, Warrnambool, getting hands-on experience of fencing two seed orchards on The Green Line  at Woolsthorpe.

Brauer College Fencing Green Line

Brauer College students partnered with a South West TAFE trainer learning how to erect a standard farm fence on the Green Line project, near Woolsthorpe.

TAFE VETIS fencing at Panmure

South West TAFE 'VET in Schools' participants learning about streamside native vegetation on Mount Emu Creek at Panmure.

TAFE VETIS fencing at Panmure

South West TAFE VET in Schools participants extending a community planting site on crown land behind the netball court at Panmure.